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Associacio Educativa Vall del Terri is the coordinator and a practice partner. The Association works DIRECTLY with NEET youth prevention and NEET youth second chance. Today the Association manages 3 different provisions-school (UEC: Unitat d’Escolarització Compartida) in 2 cities.

The provisions work as a support provisions, non-formal for teenagers between 14 and 16 years old. 

The first aim of the association is to take care of the education of teenagers who cannot be on the formal education system because of their behaviour and therefore are in risk of social exclusion and in risk of becoming NEET. The second aim is to guaranty the basics rights of these youth and give them the right of equal opportunities.

The association has been working for 20 years directly with youth in risk of social exclusion and their families on two fronts, education and social development.

In 1994 the association started with one school-UEC, Can Cuní; today there are two more provisions: UEC – Banyoles and UEC – El Castell-Figueres. The one that will be participating in the project is Can Cuní.

Since the beginning more than 500 teenagers in risk of social exclusion and in risk of becoming NEET have gone through those 3 support schools.

The Associació E. Vall del Terri is very well coordinated with the Municipality Education Services (Banyoles and Figueres) to offer the proper follow up for those young people and for future students to make sure that no youth in the area is left out of the school system and has a place in one of those 3 provisions. The Municipalities are involved in part of the financing of those provisions. 

The Manager (Carme Antó) of the Associació E. Vall del Terri participates actively in the Education Committee of both Municipalities, among other activities in the education sector.

In 2007 the Associacio Educativa Vall del Terri participated with a DAPHNE project about bullying. The participation was done through FEDAIA (regional association, explanation in next paragraph). The person who was involved in the project was Mrs. Carme Antó, founder of Associació Educativa VAll del Terri (1994) and one of the initial promoter and founder of FEDAIA. Up to today she has been taking an active part in the Managing Committee of FEDAIA.

The regional association FEDAIA will be following closely the project Open the Doors as the results of this experiment will be very useful for future plans and strategy development as an organization and to all their members.

The current Manager of Associació Educativa VAll del Terri, Mrs. Carme Antó, was one of the initial promoters and founders of FEDAIA back in 1996. Today FEDAIA is the regional federation that puts together the entities that work with children, teenagers and families in risk of social exclusion. FEDAIA works at a social level, education level, VET and care to families. FEDAIA’s partner in Europe is EUROCHILD.

FEDAIA’s mission is to improve the rights of children and youth, especially of the more vulnerable ones at a regional level. Through the 88 members of the federation, FEDAIA reaches 100.000 children and youth and 35.000 families. The school-provision–UEC are one set of members of FEDAIA, and they are 12 UEC in total. The Federation has the collaboration, recognition and support of several Third sector organizations and several administrations. 

Therefore this project is of very special interest, as the results will help directly in the future plans and strategy of the Federation and in the influence that the Federation has at a political level.