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The University of Glasgow, School of Education has a strong track record in the development of innovative learning and teaching practices through combining research, theory and practice. All members of the team are involved in current initiatives related to inclusive education, including the learning of young people who have become or are in danger of becoming not in employment, education or training. Moreover, the school of education has demonstrated experience in researching programs and schemes designed to address the needs of this group of young people, specifically through the medium of moving image education in both school and post-school contexts.


All four members of the University of Glasgow team are currently involved in knowledge generation and exchange through current or recent research, teaching and practice. Indeed, Head, Sutherland and Fagan have contributed to the development of practice and policy at national and international level for almost two decades whilst Borkowska’s doctoral work on gender currently informs the learning and practice of teachers on the master’s courses which she teaches.

Members of the team have extensive experience of working in partnership with Scottish Government, and other public bodies as researchers, advisors and consultants in a range of fields. In addition, Head and Sutherland have worked with other academic partners in the production of Scotland’s national Framework for Inclusion (, both the original and second editions of this work, which is widely used in the education and professional development of experienced and new teachers. 


The research activities of the Glasgow partners extend beyond Scotland and the UK. Head is a Council member of the European Educational Research Association and the World Educational Research Association. He has also worked with colleagues in the Nordic countries exploring the attitudes and beliefs of teachers and student teachers towards inclusion.

Glasgow partners are also currently involved in a similar Erasmus+ project related to entrepreneurship in schools.