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The Kontiki Co. was established in 2008 with the aim of becoming the supporter of different institutions, which are to give a second chance to students dropped out of public schools. 

The TANEXT ACADEMY started its operation as the department of a 2nd chance schools which could not enroll more students. At the beginning there were only seven students but after 3 years the number of students increased to 180.

Dropout students enrolled to our school continuously. This constant moving made introducing inclusive programs necessary. 

The strength of the program and the school is shown by the fact that there were not any students giving up his/her studies.

All our classes at all years are 2nd chance type.

At Kontiki Training Co. Educational and Training Centre we realize the analysis and improvement of the students’ talents, preparing them for ’growing-up’ and getting into the labor market in co-operation with their families and other supporters. Helping our students in their final year in finding a job and being successful are also our mission.

Summarizing the activities of KONTIKI TRAINING Co. we can declare that the company is an important professional workshop of developing dual education where individual abilities are taken into consideration in order to give priority for the development of social and professional competences firmly connected to employment, the important of being inclusive. The company operates its schools in this sense and takes part in national and local development.