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Working with Europe is a relatively new non-profit association, based in Catalonia Spain.

However, its staff and professionals have long-standing experience in European collaboration at all levels.

The association was established in 2012 by a group of European project professionals and for the following reasons:

- European collaboration and funding activity at all levels increasingly request professional competences and experience, also as a consequence of increasing competition and more complex project and innovation challenges

- Very many organizations across Europe are dedicated to participate in European collaboration and innovation, but are not able to manage the demanding application work and to manage all aspects of the projects

- The long-term outcomes and sustainability of many European projects are not satisfactory and do not deliver value for money; this calls for increased professionally in for example the fields of quality assurance, usability, evaluation, sustainability and exploitation

Working with Europe was therefore established by a group of professionals and missioned to deliver high quality application support as well as high quality support along the projects to ensure valuable and sustainable outcomes.

The association counts five European professionals with various project expertise and with a total of around 30 years of European experience at all levels – from mobility projects to InterReg and Research and Innovation projects, and with a special focus on medium sized collaborative partnerships, such as in the Lifelong Learning Program and in Erasmus+.

The professionals are from Spain, Portugal and Denmark.

The association counts professionals permanently serving as Expert Evaluators for the European Commission and for national agencies.

The associations’ capacity and experience builds on up to 15 years of intensive participation in application production and project management in more than 50 European projects, among them several rewarded innovation projects, and the association has more than 100 partners from almost all European member states.

Furthermore, professionals in the association are leading debaters in for example the global Learning Cities network and discussions of 21st century learning, social innovation and entrepreneurial education.

The members of the association have carried out quality assurance, evaluation, exploitation and sustainability tasks in a long line of projects, and are known among European professionals to increase the quality of a project with 30-40%.

Alongside the collaborative European activities, the association delivers capacity building training to organizations that wish to be able to act independently on the European scene - creating applications, implementing projects and participating actively in European innovation.

The capacity building training is based on a unique long-term training approach, fully integrated in the development and production of innovative European applications.

The training is adjusted to the needs of the organization and offered on non-profit basis. 

Working with Europe works in collaborative projects addressing very different forms of innovation, but the core capacity and expertise of the association and its professionals is to design and implement quality programs in projects missioned to engage in the following challenges:

- Innovative solutions for unemployed adults and NEET youth including long-term capacity building

- Creative use of technology and media to promote technology fluency

- Developing 21st century learning didactics to replace traditional education

- Entrepreneurship in formal and non-formal education

- Cross-sector collaboration and joining forces to solve community needs

- Social innovation driven by citizens

- Learning cities and communities

The overarching aims of the association’s quality work in such projects are to:

- deliver quality measures to ensure authentic innovation

- ensure a strong contribution to Commission policy and programs

- counter tendencies to deliver “more of the same”

- offer pro-active evaluation helping the project to progress and reach its aims, for example by foreseeing threats and obstacles

- ensure a high usability beyond project for target audiences

- support the generation of useful knowledge from the project practice, transformed into valuable outcomes

- contribute to sustainability strategies and measures early in and along the project

- contribute to beyond project exploitation of the project, including at local and European levels

The Open the Doors project is privileged to be able to interact with the Commission’s development of the EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCE FRAMEWORK taking place in parallel to the project.

The Framework will be developed by the Commission’s Joint Research Center and the quality partner is invited to join the initiative’s Expert Group, allowing the project to benefit from, learn from and interact with the development of the EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCE FRAMEWORK.